Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Catty Noir Monster High Doll

Have you seen Catty Noir Doll? Her expected release date is on September 13, 2013 which is the first friday the 13th of the year.

She's wearing a very fabulous pink gown matched with mid length silver platform boots.

Her skin is black and her long straight hair is pink.

She's a Popstar and Idol of Monster High Girls most especially Spectra.

If you're collecting the Werecat Girls in Monster High, this is surely a great addition to your collection.

Monster High Catty Noir Doll


  1. wait can someone reply quick is catty noir only 13 september 2013 (the day only) for sale or like frankie stein basic she are they ever came in the shop and now you can also buy the years and still because it comes back in stock but is at the same catty noir

    1. Well I know for sure Catty Noir will be sold after the 13th but I don't know if she will be sold in other lines. All I know is she's coming out on sept 13th and she will be in stores for at least a couple months after that, if you can find her that is.


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