Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hexiciah Steam Doll

Hexiciah Steam is the father of Robecca Steam which is said to be the mad scientist. 

Monster High Fans are now buzzing and speculating about this doll. Is this the start of Monster High Doll Family? I mean, before there were only love teams, sisters, and soon maybe, we will hear another father or mother of monster high character. 

Well, I think that's pretty exciting.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

13 Wishes Abbey Bominable Doll

Someone show this to me and its Abbey Bominable in 13 Wishes Doll Line.

She has a blue skin, her hair is long and curly and she's wearing a black and blue dress accented with gold. She's also wearing a translucent and gold wedge high heel shoes.

Now I'm wondering if this is an exclusive monster high doll, or who will be with her in this line.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wydowna Spider with Pet and Another Set of Outfit

SDCC 2013 Monster High Exclusive Doll Wydowna Spider comes with a pet and another set of Outfit.

This is a great surprise for all monster high collector. Maybe I should buy two of this doll, one for display to complete my collection and the other one for fun. I also want to see her wearing the red mini dress and white pants on.

Gil Webber Dance Class Doll

Another Gil Webber Doll is coming this 2013. He's coming with Rochelle Goyle, Lagoona Blue, Robecca Steam and Operetta. This is a 5 pack dance class dolls with exclusive dolls.

Do you like this set of doll? Are you excited to see Gil Webber? Click here to participate on the poll or see what others are saying.

The release date is not yet final, but there is a rumor that its going to hit the market on September.

Webarella Wydowna Spider Monster High 2013 SDCC Exclusive Doll

Yay, I'm glad they change the outfit of Webarella also known as Wydowna Spider. She's more hot and cute now. Her red and white outfit match with silver gray spider boots is so fabulous! I don't think she's creepy anymore. Her red wavy long hair is great too. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Catty Noir Monster High Doll

Have you seen Catty Noir Doll? Her expected release date is on September 13, 2013 which is the first friday the 13th of the year.

She's wearing a very fabulous pink gown matched with mid length silver platform boots.

Her skin is black and her long straight hair is pink.

She's a Popstar and Idol of Monster High Girls most especially Spectra.

If you're collecting the Werecat Girls in Monster High, this is surely a great addition to your collection.

Monster High Catty Noir Doll

Monday, May 13, 2013

Twyla Monster High Doll

Twyla Monster High Doll

I'm so glad Twyla comes with her pet bunny. What I really like most about this doll is her favorite food. I feel like, she will going to eat all the nightmares in my dreams.

This is Twyla's first release doll and she'll be hitting the store shelves anytime soon this summer 2013.

I do not expect this doll to go cheaper than $15 because it comes with a pet and lots of monster high fans really like her, so I think I'm going to get this doll after the price stabilize and I see some discounts on Amazon.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gigi Grant Monster High Doll

Gigi Grant Monster High Doll

Yes, your eyesight are still good, Gigi Grant have freckles like Lagoona Blue.

She's taller than most of the monster high dolls like Nefera and Bloodgood.

The color of her eyebrows are caramel brown and her eye shadows are gold.

The name of Gigi Grants Pet Scorpion is Sultan Sting.

This is Gigi Grant's first release doll and I am hoping to see more. I find her so irresistible that I might not be able to wait until her price go down on Amazon. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Do you like Wydowna?

For Monster High Collectors, I know Wydowna, the daughter of Arachne is a must have doll but for most of the kids who loves a beautiful monster inspired doll, I wonder if they're going to like Wydowna.

To be honest, for me she's creepier than Skelita, if they will not going the change the prototype shown last 2011, she'll have 6 arms and hands. But then again, it was just my opinion after all, they are monsters and kids love them because of their personalities.

Do you like Wydowna? You can participate on this poll to let others know your point of view. Hmnn.. not interested? You don't need to participate to see the result.
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