Friday, February 28, 2014

Complete List of New and Upcoming Monster High Dolls 2014

Here are the complete and updated list of new and upcoming monster high dolls for 2014.

Monster High Picnic Casket for 2
Frankie Stein and Jackson Jekyll
Toys r Us Exclusive
Release Date : February 2014

Operetta Frights Camera Action
Walmart Exclusive
Release Date : February 2014

I love Fashion 
Cleo De Nile and Venus McFlytrap
Release Date : February 2014

Monster High I love Accessories Dolls
Opperetta and Skelita Calaveras
Release Date : June 2014

Monster High Coffin Bean Dolls
Twyla and Venus McFlytrap
Release Date : June 2014

Monster High Freaky Fusion Dolls
Neighthan Rot
Release Date : June 2014

3 Monster High Freaky Fusion New Characters
Bonita Femur
Sirena Von Boo
Avea Trotter

Other 5 characters

Vampire Ghoulia
Frankenstein Monster Operetta
Werecat Scarah
Werewolf Frankie
Jackson Jekyll - "Save Frankie"

The release date would be on August 2014

Monster High Scaremester Dolls
Invisi Billy
Catty Noir
Gigi Grant
Release Date : June 2014

Monster High Zombie Dance 2 Packs
Meowlody and Purrsephone
Rochelle Goyle and Venus McFlytrap
Release Date : June 2014

Monster High Ghoul Sports
Spectra Vondergeist
Clawdeen Wolf
Toralei Stripe
Release Date: September 2014

Monster High Creepateria
Cleo De Nile
Howleen Wolf
Release Date: September 2014

Neighthan Rot Monster High Doll | Release Date | Picture

From this picture of new and upcoming monster high dolls for 2014, I thought there was only two boys, Invisi Billy and Manny Taur so I am really surprised when I heard about Neighthan Rot. The picture above is a bit blurred so I didn't notice that there are 3 boys here and also, Neighthan Rot has a long hair so I thought he is a she.

Next with Neighthan Rot is not yet known. The small girl beside Manny Taur is Iris Clops.

Neighthan Rot release date is on June 2014.

Monster High Freaky Fusion Dolls | News | Release Date | Updates

Monster high freaky fusion dolls include

Clawvenus - Clawdeen Wolf and Venus McFlytrap
Dracubecca - Draculaura and Robecca Steam
Cleolei - Cleo De Nile and Toralei Stripe,
Lagoonafire - Lagoona Blue and Jinafire Long

and the new monster high character boy doll for 2014,

Neighthan Rot - a unicorn and zombie boy.

The release date of Monster High Freaky Fushion Doll is on June 2014.

In this line we will also find the other 4 fusion dolls 

and the 3 new upcoming characters for 2014,
Bonita Femur - Moth and Skeleton
Sirena Von Boo - Mermaid and Ghost
Avea Trotter - Centaur and Harpy

Invisi Billy Monster High Doll | Release Date | Picture | Updates

This is Invisi Billy inside his box. He is a real doll with real hair. He is coming with Gigi Grant, Twyla and Catty Noir in the new scaremester doll line. Invisi Billy is expected to be released on June 2014.

It was confirmed that he's coming out, yes, finally, when he was featured in Toy Fair 2014.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Monster High Sweet Screams Doll | Release Date | Picture

Monster High Sweet Screams Dolls feature Frankie Stein and Draculaura. They are Target Exclusive. They are already released and they have been found in some part of the US. Take a look at their picture.
Frankie Stein is wearing a candy themed outfit in red, black and white. Her lips are striped with red and blue. She is carrying a red candy purse. Draculaura is wearing a black and pink bubblegum outfit. Her earrings are black on one side and a pink bubblegum on the other side. She's carrying a black heart shaped purse.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Jane Boolittle Monster High Doll

Jane Boolittle is one of the newest Monster High Character Doll for 2014. She is now here. Her released date was November 2013.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Monster High Frights Camera Action Doll Line | Picture | Release Date

Monster High Frights Camera Action Doll line features 4 new monster high characters Elissabat, Viperine Gorgon, Clawdia Wolf, and Honey Swamp. The line is expected to be release on 2014, but I really hope that they will hit the store and they became available before December 2013.

Along with these 4 new dolls, this line also includes Lagoona Blue, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Operetta and Cleo De Nile.

They are starting to release Frights Camera Action Black Carpet Monster High Dolls this november

Black Carpet Hauntlywood Monster High Dolls

Frights Camera Action Dolls

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